Hearing is that the ability to understand sound by police investigation vibrations through the ear. Humans have a reasonably slender vary of hearing compared to different species – frequencies that we have a tendency to area unit capable of hearing area unit between twenty cycles/second and twenty,000 Hz, this can be recognize because the audio, or sonic, range. Frequencies higher than that vary area unit recognize as supersonic and people below area unit recognize as unhearable. Dogs will hear ultrasound, that’s why they hear dog whistles and that we don’t. Apparently snakes will sense infrasound although their bellies, and elephants, giraffes, dolphins and whales use it to speak.

Listening and hearing aren’t constant factor and that i assume the excellence is vital, particularly once it involves understanding a deafness and with success victimization hearing aids. Listening are some things you consciously do, it’s the act of deciphering and understanding the sound that you simply detected.

Now the question is how we hear and what is the process so behind the hearing?

Hearing looks unusual. But it’s a very important part of our body. The outer cupped of the ear catches the sound wave and transfer them into a series of complex sensors. These sound waves travel through the ear canal that makes the eardrum and tiny bones vibrate. Nerves in your inner ear pick up these vibrations and convert them into the electrical impulses to your brain. Your brain than identify these electrical pulses in the form of sound, music and noise etc.

If the sensory part of your brain damaged, then the hearing sense is affected. This may be because some part of ear blocked. Nerves get damage. Sound wave does not processed correctly because of nerves damage and blockage of ear. So the hearing aid helps the people to hear the sound clearly.