Everyone knows what is hearing. Hearing is the important part of our life and we know that hearing is only the feeling. It does not exist physically. But there are some people that can’t hear or hear mild. Problem in hearing the sound is called the Hearing loss. Hearing loss is also known as the hearing impairment. Hearing impairment means the problem in the part of one ear or ears. This problem occurred as the age increases. As we know that 10 million of people in America having the problem in hearing.

3 of the babies per 1000 are born with hearing loss. People with hearing loss can’t understand someone conversation. Hearing Disability occurred due to the many reasons. This problem occurred when some part of one ear or ears, the nerves coming from the outside or the brain that controls the hearing damage.


How hearing work?

As we know that our ear is divided into the three sections:

Outer ear

Middle ear

Inner ear

  1. Outer ear : – Outer ear receives the waves from the outside environment and then transfers them into the middle ear through the ear canal.
  2. Middle ear : – Middle ear receives these waves and these waves hit the eardrum in the middle ear. Eardrum starts to vibrate and generates the three tiny bones in your ear.

These bones are called hammer, anvil, stirrup .

  1. Inner ear :-  In the Inner earthe sound is generated with the help of these tiny bones.