Hearing aid is a small electronic device that is used by the people having the problem of hearing loss. Hearing aid is a device that is wear in the ear. Hearing aid device is very useful for the hearing loss people so that they can listen the sound clearly and can participate in the daily activites and communicate easily with others.



  1. Complete in the canal (CIC)
  2. In the canal (ITC)
  3. Behind the ear (BTE)
  4. Receiver in the canal (RIC)
  5. In the ear (IE)


  1. CIC:- Complete in the canal device is custom made and it is fit into the ear canal. Only a tip of plastic is outside that is used to insert or remove the device from the canal.


  1. ITC:-ITC is the custom made device and the small portion of the ITC is outside the ear.


  1. BTE:– BTE instrument is custom made and it is fitted behind the ear.


  1. RIC:– RIC instruments are custom made and in this type of instrument receiver or speaker is inside the ear.


  1. ITE:- ITE instruments are custom made and it is fitted outside portion of the ear.



  1. Enhanced directional perception:-  if u hear better in one ear then it is difficult for you to decide from where the sound is coming. For this directional perception you can use this instrument. The hearing aid balance the sound frequency.
  2. Available in various styles and configuration:-There is a misconception that hearing aid have to be ugly or easy to notice. But various styles of hearings are available like behind the ear and complete in canal these type of instruments are not visible.
  3. Targeted amplification of specific voice or sound you want to focus:- Today’s hearing can detect easily what type of sound you want to listen and make it more pronounced.
  4. Improved converstional comprehension:-  Hearing aids do a better job in amplifying the start stop and the high pitch volume that are common in speech.
  5. You avoid the misunderstandings.
  6. It make things easier for those around you.



  1. High cost:-The cost of hearing aid is very high.
  2. Maintenance issues:-You have to keep in mind that you have to perform some cleanup on the hearing aids time to time.
  3. Potential discomfort:-If you choose the wrong configuration and style of hearing aid then it could be discomfort for you.



Today the hearing aid market boasts six major brands. These brands include opticon, siemens, phonak, starkey, resound and widex. These six companies lead the hearing aid industry because they invest more time and money to research this type of product.




  1. Format
  2. Telecoil
  3. Size and type
  4. Additional features


  1. Format:-There are two type of formats available of the hearing aids: digital and analog. Digital format uses a microchip and analyze the sound using special digital signal processor.


  1. Telecoil:-Telecoil is the special feature that allows you to talking on the telephone.


  1. Size and type:-The type of hearing aid you need depends upon the nature and severity of hearing loss.


  1. Additional features:-There are some additional features that you want to consider when purchase a hearing aid. Such as wireless connectivity is available on the advanced models. Directional microprocessors helps you to pick up the sound when youy are in a social environment with lots of noise.