Our Batteries area unit factory-made by the German Var ta-Power ONE the most important hearing aid battery manufacturer worldwide. simply SGD $4 per pack. Lowest worth in Singapore.
Long lasting and high voltage hearing aid Batteries out there within the following sizes:Made from Var ta, power one hearing aid atomic number 30 air batteries area unit factory-made within the world’s largest and latest hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany. standard for its quality and dependableness, they’re extraordinarily long lasting and comfy.Zinc air batteries area unit ideal for today’s digital hearing aids owing to its high energy density furthermore as Associate in Nursing nearly flat drain curve. this suggests that the hearing aid will perform at an even level throughout the life of the battery. With a protecting tab to stay the batteries in Associate in Nursing “inactive state”, you’ll be able to make sure that the batteries you get area unit within the very best condition.
  • Size 10
  • Size 13
  • Size 312
  • Size 675

Low Quality batteries will harm YOUR hearing aids and cause you to hear worse.

THSC branded batteries are created by the German Varta Microbattery GmBH

One of the World’s hottest hearing aid battery brands
The reason for his or her extraordinary success: they mix the best quality and reliableness, an especially long life and most comfort.
At Power One, each battery is tested before it leaves the works – 100%. The comfort packaging then receives a high quality seal, that safely seals and protects it. The rustless batteries themselves have an excellent service life, particularly wherever high power demands ar involved. Behind all this is often a special, proprietary technology that enhances the cell voltage.
Power One is especially consumer-minded once it involves handling the battery. Extra-long tabs facilitate removal of the cell from the packaging and insertion into the hearing aid.
The setting is equally necessary to power one. Hence, power one is that the solely manufacturer within the world to produce an entire vary of environmentally friendly reversible nickel-hydride batteries, along with chargers, for hearing aids.