Our latest digital hearing aids square measure discreet, light-weight and contain a complicated micro chipmeaning we are able to fine tune and utterly individualise a digital hearing resolution to boost your specific hearing issues. This technology will build hearing well less of a shot even within the presence of background signal, permitting you to guide the life you wish.
Unsure if you wish a hearing aid? strive our eight-question on-line hearing take a look at, or just book a rendezvous for a FREE hearing take a look at along with your native knowledgeable audiologist.Types of digital hearing aids
Our digital hearing aids square measure offered during a style of styles therefore you’ll select the proper hearing resolution to fit your manner.
  • Invisible hearing aids – nearly unseen and made-to-order, these work discreetly within the auditory canal.
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids – Slim line styles that sit discreetly behind the ear.
  • In-ear hearing aids – tiny and customisable to assist your hearing desires.
  • CROS hearing aids – Designed to assist with deafness in one ear and traditional hearing within the alternative.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids – Ability to stream music or build calls wirelessly from your phone.

                      DIGITAL HEARING AIDS

Our invisible hearing aid vary incorporates the most recent advances in digital technology, that permits them to be discreetly and firmly fitted in your meatus. They work with the natural acoustics of your ear to relinquish you the clearest, most natural sound quality potential, and supply automatic volume management, speech distinction and feedback elimination.

Our behind-the-ear and in-ear hearing aids area unit slim, subtle, light-weight and comfy. exploitation the best quality microphones and receivers to supply crystal clear hearing, they are available during a choice of designs that accommodate totally different performance options and might be in person tailored to your wants.
Our CROS and BiCROS hearing aids area unit custom created for individuals with hearing disorder in one ear and traditional hearing within the different or a lot of bigger hearing disorder in one ear than the opposite.
High performance wireless transmitters area unit fine tuned in accordance together with your needs, amplifying the sound picked up by your impaired ear and causation it to your higher ear. The open match style of the ear fittings additionally permits sound to enter your ears naturally, supported by the proper quantity of amplification for you.
Bluetooth property makes it potential to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your portable or your audio player and directly stream sound through them. exploitation telephones, audio players and headphones wont to mean removing your hearing aids however Bluetooth enabled hearing aids become your headphones and supply safe, interference free property which will be tailored to your wants.
Benefits of digital hearing aids:-

At Amplifon we tend to mix progressive technologies, with our world network of skilled audiologists. With over sixty five years of expertise this allows United States to make pioneering digital hearing solutions for our customers.
Digital technology allows United States to make effective solutions for a large vary of hearing difficulties and customise hearing aids to your specific needs. Digital hearing aids give you with a more true to life sound than ever before, permitting you to recognise and boost speech over background signal and mechanically regulate their volume looking on the surroundings you are in.

Our sleek, light-weight digital hearing solutions will fitted well in or behind your ears and might be matched to your hair color or skin tone so you’ll persevere living your life to its fullest.